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The Yorke Arms - a new Exclusive use venue using Millennia

25th November 2021

The Yorke Arms in the Yorkshire Dales has operated as a well known and highly rated restaurant with rooms for many years. When it was still a restaurant The Yorke Arms featured in The Trip, a 2010 BBC Comedy starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. In the last couple of years it has been taken over by the Bayford Group based at Bowcliffe Hall near Wetherby and the site has been developed in to an exclusive use venue for all kinds of special events; from weddings and family celebrations to shooting parties and corporate events.

We are currently installing Millennia to operate at the venue when there is an event on and from the main offices at Bowcliffe when not. Millennia has been used at Bowcliffe for running their events for a number of years and the expansion to The Yorke Arms will help to manage the new site and maintain control over the business.

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