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Access Control

Seamless integration with leading door lock and member card solutions from Paxton and Gallaher


Centralised access control systems provide enhanced security and help maintain a safe environment for customers, members and employees.


Managed access to your premises, rooms, facilities and operational areas with magnetic swipe or RFID proximity cards and electronic door locks. Temporary access can be enabled on a timed basis allowing member cards to be utilised for bedroom or sports facility access and rescinded automatically at check-out or expiry of the booking.


Access to your premises and secured areas are controlled centrally via multi-use identity cards entirely removing the need to issue and keep track of keys. Access can be granted and revoked in seconds directly from your Millennia system or through the vendor’s management console.


Use of specified cards can be actively monitored, Millennia workstations can display alerts when customers access the building or use their card to access internal spaces or settle bills at point of sale terminals.


Seamless integration with Paxton’s Net2 access control system and supported RFID cards, including the ability to enrol and validate cards directly from Millennia..

​Card Issuing

Infodata provides a card printing, validation and mail distribution service to support customers needing to issue or replace high volumes of branded cards.


Full integration with Gallagher’s range of building and site security systems.

​Key features

  • Proximity / RFID and magnetic cards supported
  • Multiple access groups for limiting internal access
  • Interfaced to leading suppliers of Access Control systems
  • Activity / Event reporting
  • In-house or bureau card printing / production
  • Cards used for building access, bedroom access and EPOS charging
  • Activity monitor screen for real time security control
  • Integrated with Club, Hotel and EPOS
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