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Millennia Mobile ordering service

28th November 2020

Infodata is excited to announce the release of it’s new mobile ordering app for smartphones and tablets. Inspired by the need to reduce personal contact during the pandemic, mobile ordering apps have become very popular with customers and service teams alike. Aimed at club members and regular customers the new service allows food and drink ordering without going to the bar or calling a member of staff. The service means clubs can extend their food and beverage offering to any part of their premises including bedrooms, lounges and outside spaces, in fact anywhere where the customer’s device can connect to the internet.

With a slick user interface and highly configurable content it is easy to configure and to use. Managers can control what is sold, prices, where orders are printed and what charging options to implement

The service is very convenient for members, and is generally quicker, particularly where staffing levels are stretched. If you would like to know more about how the Millennia mobile ordering app can help your business Contact us.

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