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Millennia Push Notifications

05th July 2022

To enhance instant communication with members Infodata has implemented push notification integration for Millennia. Web push notification technology is used widely by business to message their client base direct to smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops for all types of sales, marketing, operational and other messages. When the option is switched on in Millennia, when members first login to online services, they will be asked if they want to accept notifications. New routines in Millennia allow for the notifications to be defined and sent either immediately or on a future date and time. Supporting audit trail enables tracking (history) of what has been sent. The in house routine will provide for entering the message and a heading but also an optional link, typically to a web page with further relevant content either on the Club’s main site or to a booking page. This will facilitate notifications of last minute availability for events or rooms or anything that you wish to alert customers, guests and members.

Push Notifications don't require a native app so it's easy to get started and used with minimal investment. However, the user (member, guest etc.) does have to agree to accept the notifications and so they are always in control and can decline at any point. Also, there is no data sharing with push notifications.  

This option is currently only available for Android devices until web push notifications are supported by Apple Safari which Apple have confirmed they plan to be in iOS 16 in 2023.

This new routines will be part of the upcoming V6.1 release of Millennia.

If you would like to know more about how Millennia integration and push notifications can help your organisation please Contact us.

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