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A year with Millennia at The Army and Navy Club

21st July 2021

​A year ago in July 2020, four months in to the pandemic, The Army and Navy Club took the bold decision that the time had come to press the button and go live with the new integrated Millennia system. Further back, in the Autumn of 2019 the club had made a commitment to implement Millennia with a project plan to go live in April 2020 once the normal planning, training and data upload had been completed. However, everything was thrown off course by the pandemic, lockdown and the complete shut down of hospitality in the UK. So the plan to train and go live was put on hold while the Club got used to the new reality and Infodata concentrated on helping clubs use Millennia to navigate through many new scenarios.

However, the ability of Millennia to enable the club to communicate with members on-line and for members to interact with the club, also on line, soon meant both sides concluded that going live with the new system was crucial for the club. Working with easing lockdown restrictions, furlough, and staff working from home the go-live plan was re-written and implemented within a few weeks. Uploading member data, entering booking details close to the live date was critical to the success of the revised plan. The team at the club, and Infodata worked together to ensure everything was ready for going live.

Within a few hours all members were able to login to the new integrated web site and use the Millennia web services to make bookings, pay their accounts, pledge donations and keep up to date with how the club was re-opening. In the club itself all of the front of house - hotel and point of sale - applications went live taking over from the old systems which were not integrated with the central member database.

It takes time for any new system to bed in and for staff to adapt to a new system and new ways of working. However, enabling members to self serve on-line significantly reduced office admin and direct contact with members.

Since July 2020, the club has completed the implementation of Millennia applications. This includes the Millennia card payment application, private and club event booking systems, access control using RFID member cards and mobile / tablet point of sale terminals.

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