Millennia on-line Bookings

The Power of Millennia

Millennia On-line Bookings is the internet bookings technology for hospitality businesses using Millennia. Currently the following types of bookings can be set up and made seamlessly to Millennia.

Customers make a booking from the site’s own web site, day or night from any computer connected to the internet. Availability and pricing are checked against the live Millennia data.

For bedroom bookings, the system can offer various rates, packages and special requirements which have been setup on the site system. Customers can complete and have the booking confirmed by email within minutes. The system confirms the booking to the guest by email at the same time as making the booking and updating Millennia.

The system does not require new hardware as it is hosted and maintained by Infodata on our own web servers and via our portal. The booking interface software is installed on the existing application server which communicates with Infodata web servers via the internet to pass availability and booking information seamlessly to the guest making the booking. Secure links mean that the confidentiality of customer and hotel information is assured.


"It works for Clubs on all levels, in all areas. The EPOS terminals are simple and practical, easy to update and use. Overall my life is easier using Millennia."

Edward Plunkett, Secretary, City of London Club



Millennia venue applications are used at a wide variety of event centres from football stadia to corporate training centres, from conference hotels to private clubs. Whether you organise residential conference or Christmas party nights, themed evenings or corporate meetings Millennia venue applications are the perfect software solution.