Stock taking

For the stock taking exercise, Millennia Food & Beverage will print a set of stock sheets on request to complete the physical stock count.

An option is available to allow hand- held terminals to have the stock count details 'down-loaded' to it. The hand held terminal can be used as the data entry device with stock counted entered immediately it is counted.

Once the count exercise is complete, the stock counted quantities can then simply be 'up-loaded' to the main files as though the count had been entered from the traditional stock sheets.

With the closing stock quantities have been entered for the 'period' under analysis, the stock results report can be run (and re-run) and the performance of the period analysed in terms of consumption, theoretical sales, and gross margin achieved.

The final stage is the end-of-period routine which automatically updates the opening stock for the new period based on the stock count.

Interim stock counts can be performed as required without necessarily closing the period. This means spot-checks on an outlet can be run.

A powerful feature is the ability to undertake a stock count and 'results' exercise dynamically whilst continuing stock movements - vitally important in an EPOS environment.

Alternatively, period accounting can be defined within a set of accumulators which provide for period stock results to be analysed in as many or as few stock periods as required.


"Millennia is now at the forefront of all the Club's processes. From our Point of Sale terminals, the events diary, and of course the management of the Membership, Millennia is used to administrate it all. It has completely revolutionised the day to day running of the business, improving efficiency and allowing us to provide an even better service to our members.

The online Members area provided is particularly impressive, giving our members an easy to use portal to manage their membership, i,e pay bills, update details or book Club events."

Jack Birley Club Secretary, Athenaeum Club Liverpool



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