Designing solutions for hospitality is at the heart of our business. With solutions for hotels, event venues, restaurants and clubs we are able to respond to a wide variety of business. By putting together different modules from the Millennia family and configuring each one to suit business needs we can build a unique solution for each of our clients.

For hotels we have solutions for a wide range of hotel properties from 5 to 500 rooms where quality matters, our solutions are used by hotels up and down the country. Each module is integrated with others to provide a single solution from one organisation. Find out more

For event venues management is made easier with a set of powerful applications. Used by many different venues from Premier League stadium to conference hotels, from city centre clubs to country house hotels. Specific functionality for venue hosted events drastically reduces ticket/seat administration. Find out more

More private member clubs in London use Millennia than any other system. Developed by Infodata in the UK over 10 years ago the system for clubs is mature and highly relevant to modern club operations. The technology for members to make on-line bookings and updates is now well established and used by many clubs. Find out more

Our solutions for restaurant operations are used in fine dining operations as well as pub based food operations. Linked to back office operations for booking as well as sales and marketing, this is a fully integrated solution ideal for breeding customer and brand loyalty. Find out more



"It works for Clubs on all levels, in all areas. The EPOS terminals are simple and practical, easy to update and use. Overall my life is easier using Millennia."

Edward Plunkett, Secretary, City of London Club