Online applications for Clubs

The power of Millennia

The internet and a Club’s web site provide a highly accessible platform for members to inform themselves about what is going on at the Club and to interact with the club at a time of their choosing. Millennia Club web services provide the technology for Clubs to tap in to this new way of working and respond to members needs.

A range of services, aimed at member clubs specifically, have been developed by Infodata to compliment the on-line booking services for accommodation, restaurant, Club event tickets and sports bookings. The club web services are:

  • Secure login to the members area
  • Update personal details
  • Make a credit card payment for subscriptions or monthly account
  • Make a donation to staff fund
  • Complete an application for membership
  • View account and previous expenditure

These services can be implemented individually or as a complete suite of services depending on the style and the needs of the club.


A member gains access to these facilities by fist going through a secure login typically using email address and a password. Facilities for emailing forgotten passwords are included. Once in the member’s area the member can use the various services.

Any changes made or actions taken by the member are recorded in the system with the additional option of the club receiving an email saying that changes have been made by a particular member.


Infodata technical team typically use the existing web site design to personalise the web service pages for each club. This ensures a consistent design across the whole web site and creates a uniform corporate identity.


"It works for Clubs on all levels, in all areas. The EPOS terminals are simple and practical, easy to update and use. Overall my life is easier using Millennia."

Edward Plunkett, Secretary, City of London Club