Booking of Rooms, tickets and restaurant

The power of Millennia

Millennia On-line Bookings is the internet bookings technology for hospitality businesses using Millennia. Currently the following types of bookings can be set up and made seamlessly to Millennia.

  • Bedroom reservations
  • Event tickets/seats
  • Sports and treatment bookings
  • Restaurant bookings

These can be installed separately depending on the needs of the business.
Customers make a booking from the site’s own web site, day or night from any computer connected to the internet. Availability and pricing are checked against the live Millennia data.

For bedroom bookings, the system can offer various rates, packages and special requirements which have been setup on the site system. Customers can complete and have the booking confirmed by email within minutes. The system confirms the booking to the guest by email at the same time as making the booking and updating Millennia.

The system does not require new hardware as it is hosted and maintained by Infodata on our own web servers and via our portal. The booking interface software is installed on the existing application server which communicates with Infodata web servers via the internet to pass availability and booking information seamlessly to the guest making the booking. Secure links mean that the confidentiality of customer and hotel information is assured.


Millennia On-line Bookings technology has been designed for any size, type and style of hotel, venue or club to provide on-line booking from their own web site and fully integrated with Millennia booking system. It does not use 3rd party booking engines to achieve this and there is no commission to pay; you get 100% of the booked rate.

Millennia integrated on-line bookings also gives significant sales and marketing as well as operational benefits.

  • An additional channel for bookings and business from people who might not want to pick up the phone either because of different time zones or language.
  • The sales office and reservations department is always open with Millennia on-line bookings; even at night. No more ‘Ring back tomorrow’.
  • Special offers and packages can be setup and made available at specific times. Rates can be adjusted to suit demand, all from within Millennia. Changes in availability are made in real time as each booking is completed. You don’t have to update the availability manually as you do with GDS and agency sites.
  • Web availability can be different from total availability so you can restrict how many web bookings and what rates are allowed.
  • Credit card details are checked to ensure the card details are valid. It’s up to you whether to take an authorisation or payment from the card.

Integration is the key

Because On-line Bookings is a part of Millennia the web booking appears in your reservations system automatically. You don’t key in the details from an email like you would with web enquiries.

Integration also means that you manage rates, packages and, special offers from within Millennia; the system manages everything else for you by making the changes which instantly apply to anyone looking at what is available. As occupancy increases you can close out cheaper offers to help achieve RevPAR and the sales mix you require.

Private or corporate

Once a person has made a booking and it is recorded in Millennia, each subsequent time they can use the same details – name, postcode and mail address the system will automatically recognise the person and add the new booking to the correct profile ensuring that your guest history database remains accurate.

Corporate clients can be given a private login which gives them access to individual corporate rates in addition to rack rates. Corporate rates can be suspended for particular times – Christmas, Easter or even particular nights of the week. Bookings made under a corporate login will be fully recorded and attributed to the right account.


Customer details including credit card details entered on to the web booking are transferred to Millennia using secure technology. The web booking service is hosted by Infodata on a secure server, however all of the availability and booking information is held on the local application server.

A problem with the internet or the communications to the local application server could make the on-line service unavailable for a time, however this does not affect the accuracy of the information in Millennia or your ability to sell and book rooms by traditional methods.

Credit card validation and deposits

Most people making on-line bookings are happy to provide credit card details to confirm or guarantee the booking. At a basic level Millennia validates the card details to avoid inaccuracies.

Optionally the system can be configured to require the card to be authorised or for payment to be taken from the card. Authorisations, deposits and full payments are processed through Infodata’s Credit Card 3000 system in the same way as all other credit card transactions are processed in Millennia.

Confirming the booking

Each booking will be sent an email as confirmation. Copies of the email can also be sent to the reservations department and other email addresses.

Managing internet bookings

Internet bookings are easily identified in Millennia. This makes it easy to review the bookings and to check individual and average rates achieved.

A daily review of internet bookings is worthwhile to check the booking detail and action any special requests which might have been requested.

User controlled setup

Deciding rates, packages and offers is an important process. As you gain experience from the bookings you receive and how this new channel works for you, so you will want to manipulate the offers and change available rates for different times of the year.

All of the setup is done from Millennia System Controls including a new presentation layer for web rates and packages in addition to the normal Millennia rates structures. Each package and room type is described with text and images (photographs) so that offers come alive and sell themselves.

Web page design

Following discussion and an exchange of technical details between Infodata and your web site design company, Infodata will use the web page style to design the booking pages to have the same look and feel. This gives the user a high quality experience of using your own on-line booking facility. Once the pages have been developed and the wording (Terms and Conditions of booking etc) have been finalised it is a simple matter for your own web site developer to include links to the web booking pages.


Millennia On-line booking is an innovative response to the need for direct on-line bookings as an alternative to using the global booking engines which require constant monitoring, optimisation and investment. Customers can now have the freedom to browse, look for exactly what suits them, and book at their own speed at a time of their choosing. Management can open up a new channel of business that is easy to manage and reduces the amount of staff time to take and administrate a booking. The business can promote their own web site and their own corporate identity with its own on-line booking facility rather than promoting agency sites for internet bookings.


“Infodata and Millennia have served the East India Club very well over many years and we believe it is the best integrated club system for us. There have been many significant developments many of which we now utilise and help the club to deliver a first class service to our members and their guests.”

David R Selfe FCCA, Finance Manager at East India Club