User diaries

Millennia includes a diary for each user of the system. You can use the diary to organise and schedule your own meetings, visits and telephone calls with clients. The diary can be accessed by other members of your team to see when you are available for a meeting or what you are doing at a particular time.

The diary works like other computerised systems however a meeting on your diary can be linked to an event booking. This means that when you schedule a follow up call or chase date, it is attached to the event you are calling to discuss. The Millennia user diary will also update your Outlook calendar to give you one complete overview of your day.


"It works for Clubs on all levels, in all areas. The EPOS terminals are simple and practical, easy to update and use. Overall my life is easier using Millennia."

Edward Plunkett, Secretary, City of London Club



Millennia venue applications are used at a wide variety of event centres from football stadia to corporate training centres, from conference hotels to private clubs. Whether you organise residential conference or Christmas party nights, themed evenings or corporate meetings Millennia venue applications are the perfect software solution.