Ticketed events

Many venues now arrange events where tickets or seats are sold to the public. These might be Christmas party nights, summer barbeques, tribute nights, dinners etc. The administration of this type of event is all handled by Millennia . Each event will have a maximum of places and Millennia allows selling up to the maximum. Wait list status means you can still fill up even when there are cancellations. Millennia takes care of each booking which can have different menu choices, individual wine orders, payment terms and special requirements.

A spreadsheet output for the operations team is an invaluable summary of the bookings for the event and ensures that all the arrangements are in place for a successful event.

Booking event tickets on-line is supported by Millennia on-line bookings technology. See the relevant page for details.


"The web applications have enabled us to meet the demand for an interactive web site where members can update their details, make payments and book tickets for our program of club events. You have given us great support and helped us to realise our strategic requirements as well as looking after our day-to-day technical needs"

Alistair Telfer, Secretary of the Oxford and Cambridge Club.



Millennia venue applications are used at a wide variety of event centres from football stadia to corporate training centres, from conference hotels to private clubs. Whether you organise residential conference or Christmas party nights, themed evenings or corporate meetings Millennia venue applications are the perfect software solution.