Move up to Millennia Restaurant systems for more profitable business

Millennia Restaurant breaks the mould for restaurant management systems as it brings together a range of applications in to one integrated system.

From customer database and visit recording to sophisticated touch screen EPOS, integrated credit card processing, management reporting and stock control Millennia has all the points covered to get the job done.

Restaurant booking, with options for on-line bookings direct from your web site, are linked to the customer database so that you can keep in touch with your customers and reward loyalty.

See for yourself what Millennia Restaurant can do for you...


"It works for Clubs on all levels, in all areas. The EPOS terminals are simple and practical, easy to update and use. Overall my life is easier using Millennia."

Edward Plunkett, Secretary, City of London Club



Millennia for restaurants operations is a fully integrated system to handle bookings, restaurant management, table optimisation, EPOS and customer profiling. Millennia is ideal for stand-alone fine dining, brasserie and pub style businesses as well as integrated hotel and club operations.